We had a visiting racing pigeon visit a family in Essex Co. NY last year. At
that time I tried to ID them via the web and was amazed at the varieties of
pigeons out there. Some are for show, others are for racing. If you do a
Google for "Pigeon Fanciers" or "Racing Pigeons" you'll likely be able to ID

Dana Rohleder
Port Kent, NY

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Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 5:48 PM
Subject: Odd Pigeons - Escapees?

A friend sent me some photos of two birds that visited her yard in the new
north end of Burlington a few weeks ago. The birds are obviously a type of
pigeon, perhaps escapees from a local breeding place.

They appear to walk very upright and have a black-and-white "ruff" around
their necks that looks like a Ruffed Grouse displaying. their heads are
white as are their tails. They are nearly a matched pair.

Any ideas?

Tom Barber
Burlington, VT