Had an hour at Dead Creek today.  Didn't see any shorebirds,  geese,
or ducks, but there were some good birds about:

        2 Merlins and a Red-Tail on the big dead trees north of Rt. 17,
opposite the goose viewing area.

        2 Ospreys, one a part of the family group on the nesting platform
north of Rt. 17, and one holding        a foot-long fish on a scag (close!)
on the road into Brilyea.

        3 Great Egrets and 2 Black-Crowned Night Herons on the dead tree
visible north of the dam at     Brilyea.

        One Belted Kingfisher in the far parking lot at Brilyea.

        Over a dozen GBH's and lots of miscellaneous Turkey Vultures.

        All in all not a bad day.  Also they are building what looks like a
pretty decent road to the northeast of the far parking lot at Brilyea.  It
seems to be following the dam on the easternmost impoundment.  Looks good.