Hello all:

I am a graduate student at UVM studying Double-crested Cormorants on
Lake  Champlain.  In the past couple of weeks, several of our
radio-tagged cormorants have moved away from Four Brothers Islands.  It
is typical for these birds to leave the breeding colony and move to
another "activity center" - for lack of a better name.  Several hundred
birds often congregate at these activity centers after breeding or
fledging.  The birds mostly roost and perch there, and often leave en
masse to forage.  I know where several are located from the Young Island
colony; however, I am trying to locate other activity centers that might
include cormorants from the Four Brothers Colony.  I know 2-300 birds
congregate at Orchard Point (near the Crown Point Bridge).  Is anyone
aware of other activity centers?  As evidenced by the Orchard Point
location, they can be quite a distance from their breeding colony.
(Also, I could use suggestions for a more catchy name than activity
centers!)  Any help would be appreciated.

Please respond directly to me - many others don't want to hear about



Adam Duerr
Graduate Research Assistant
Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of Vermont
212 Aiken Center
Burlington, VT 05405