Dorothy (and others that might be interested) -

The cormorants do seem to commute everyday.  They don't all head out for
the day and return to the island at night however.  Often we'll see
cormorants head to a foraging location in the morning.  They tend to
trickle out.  Throughout the day, new cormorants will join the flock,
while others will return to the island.  The dramatic numbers that you
saw happen to be returning in the evening.  We've seen these dramatic
movements at all times of the day.

Now for where they forage.  The cormorants can move extensive distances
to forage.  We often see them moving south to Converse and Town Farm Bay
on the Vermont side.  While these are popular sites, we've also seen
them forage as far south as Crown Point and north to Valcour Island and
Mallets Bay.

Hope this is interesting for you, and answers your questions.


Dorothy Tod wrote:

> I was camped on the NY side across from Basin harbor last night and
> watched
> something like 1500 cormorants fly north during dinner. Many groups of 50
> or so.
>  We also saw a number of flocks flying south in the morning but no where
> near the # going north at the end of the day.  Do they commute every day?
> From where to where? To feed?


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