I usually have birds act their most aggressive when nests and or young are around (I have the scars on my scalp to prove it) but I have seen them mob/attack herons, hawks, sub-adult gulls without necessarily defending a nest or young. Probably just a natural defense response. We had an osprey fly close to Popasquash today. There were about 30 terns on him/her in a flash. It didn't stay long.

As far as the possibility of a nesting attempt on Arrowhead, it seems unlikely though not necessarily out of the question. If they did they probably would not have set up shop so close to  nesting osprey.


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No, Mark. We saw either two or four terns (the same pair twice or two pairs)
and all were adults. We watched a pair dive bomb and harass nesting osprey for
about twenty minutes - behavior that appeared to be just "fun" for the terns.
(There were two successful osprey nests, one on a man-made platform and one
quite low to the water - maybe six to eight feet - on the spreading roots of an
old fallen tree. Each nest had an least one good-sized chick.   The bird in
the tree-root nest did a lot of stretching its wings and looked fledge-able.)