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The American Academy of Pediatrics is pleased to introduce 2004 subscription rates for our suite of periodicals:

AAP Grand Rounds
AAP News
Pediatrics in Review

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Although we tried to create a fair subscription model for 2003, we heard from many of you that our model did not meet your needs.  We have listened to your feedback and made substantive changes for 2004.

The AAP fundamentally differs from other professional membership societies in that our primary mission is both scientific and educational and is focused on the health of all children.  Most of our publications receive little financial support from the AAP. As such, our institutional subscribers are of great importance to our sustainability. Traditionally we have relied on income from advertising to offset many of our production costs. However, beginning in 2001 our advertising income declined dramatically as a result of dreary economic conditions and the move towards direct-to-consumer advertising by the pharmaceutical industry. Due to this decline in advertising revenue, and increased print and online production costs, we were forced to raise rates in 2003 for the first time in years.

In response to your concerns we are happy to announce that campus-wide online access will be included with all print subscriptions beginning in 2004.  We are retaining a tiered pricing structure for online access; however, our model is no longer based on the number of FTEs, but rather on the type of subscribing organization (please see for details). We think this model will not only fairly assess subscription rates, but will also better meet the diverse needs of the wide variety of organizations that we are fortunate to count among our subscribers.

The price for each of our tiers has been realigned such that most subscribers will see a substantive drop in costs. Subscribers who elected print-only options in 2003 will see a modest price increase, but for this will be receiving both print and online access. Institutions who want more than one print copy can order additional print subscriptions at 2003 print rates-there will be no increase.  Online-only access will remain available for subscribers who no longer wish to receive print. We hope this new structure will better balance the needs of subscribers with the ability of the AAP to continue to offer high-quality publications and professional periodicals.

In addition to including online access with all print subscriptions, the AAP is continuing to invest in new technologies and features in order to make our publications even more useful to readers. Later this year Pediatrics and AAP Grand Rounds will begin delivering content in PDA format that readers can download to their handheld devices. Pediatrics will feature a more sophisticated search engine that will provide instant subject indexing, allowing users to search more effectively in less time. And will offer a new subject collection that will pool neonatology articles from a variety of sources in one convenient location. 

Institutional subscribers to any AAP periodical now receive free access to Pediatric Asthma ( A partnership between the AAP and the BMJ Publishing Group, Pediatric Asthma is a "virtual journal" that culls content from over 30 different publications.  Additionally, the AAP has recently launched AAP Policy (, a free online collection of Academy policy and position papers on a wide variety of topics.

All AAP periodicals are COUNTER compliant so that you can effectively evaluate usage and make informed purchasing decisions for your organization.

We look forward to your continued patronage.


Nancy Deal Chandler
Director, Medical Journals and Professional Periodicals
American Academy of Pediatrics

Michael Clarke
Senior Managing Editor
American Academy of Pediatrics

Karen Knafl
Circulation Manager
American Academy of Pediatrics

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