Hello Medlibbers, I really could use help with the following search request so I'm reaching out for your collective wisdom.
I have a someone who needs all randomized clinical trials (RCT) that have been performed with HRT where death and myocardial infarction or any cardiac endpoint was used as an endpoint (such as HERS, Women's health initiative trial).  They have found only 4 RCT as well as 6 others that used angiographic and carotid intima MLD as outcome. This person needs to know if she has the complete list.
So, below is what I have found so far. But I am not sure of an efficient way to pull out the concept "endpoint". Any suggestions welcome.
MEDLINE 1966 to August Week 1 2003
Search #    History    Results
1)exp Randomized Controlled Trials/ or rct.mp.    30655
2) Randomized Clinical Trial$.tw.     7066
3) 1 or 2             36144
4) exp Hormone Replacement Therapy/    10664
5) HRT.mp.           3153
6) 4 or 5                 1481
7) exp Cardiovascular Diseases/     1125731
8) exp Carotid Artery Diseases/     20601
9) carotid intima.tw.          367
10) 7 or 8 or 9                1125779
11) 3 and 6 and 10             233
Thanks so much for any suggestions!
-Jane Nichols
Jane Nichols
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