Hello, all.

I've had several requests to summarize what I've found for health news

On the web site we're developing, we're currently streaming news
through javascript from We're investigating syndicated
feeds that use RSS.

We're currently linking to:

Medical News
MD Consult (which we already pay for)
Reuters Medical News (we might pay for this)
BioMed Central

Health Industry News
Reuters Industry Briefing (again, we're considering this)
iHealthBeat (

Consumer Health News
Medline Plus (
Reuters Health News
Google Health News (

American Medical Assn.(
American Hospital Assn. (
Assn. of American Medical Colleges (
National Institutes of Health (
American Nurses Assn. (
American Pharmacists Assn. (

Higher Education
University Business (
Chronicle of Higher Education (

New York Times (

Additional suggestions from Medlib:
All : Health

ID21: Health

Health Canada

News Services - online health news services

HEP: Links to Health Services Research Resources

News Sources for Public Health

And a shorter link for the above:


Harvard Biomedical News Links
Biomedical News Services

Medical & Healthcare News and Information Services

Medical News Resources on the Web

The Kaiser Family Foundation's website:

The Business and Health Institute:

AHA News Now -- daily email newsletter

Modern Healthcare Daily Dose -- daily email newsletter


Kaiser Health Policy

Health Affairs

Managed Care Magazine - you can see the full-text of this one, after it
is a month old.

There is the AHA site at

the Health Advisory Board's site if you are a member:

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