Hello Everyone,

We had our first class of the year today from 3:00 to 4:15 at the Aikido of
Champlain Valley Dojo.  Sensei spent a good deal of time on basic ukemi and
body movements in Aikido, so if you are new to Aikido this is a great time
to start learning.  Two members other than myself attended the class.  I am
hoping that our class participation will be expanding in the coming weeks.
So, class will be regularly held at this time on Thursdays.  Anyone with
transportation concerns please send me an email, and we will try to work it

We are planning on redesigning the club website with more information and
pictures.  If anyone is interested in helping us with the planning please
contact me.  We would appreciate all of the help we can get.

If anyone can help posting flyers for the club, please contact me as well.
It would be great to publicize in dorms or L/L.


James McNeill