A special thanks to Wes, Steve, Caitlin, Marc, Summer, Shawna, and Amy...

You all did a kickass job with setting up and making the place look awesome,
dancing, being silly, and cleaning up/re-arranging so that scary man wouldn't
yell at us again!! I think the event went very well - Christen and I definitely
had a good time and hope you did too - next meeting we are practicing our
moves! And we even got some students interested in joining or team!!

See you on Tuesday! And if anyone's interested in doing the AIDS walk with me
this Sat. morning, email me!

Hope your exam went well Wes-
Charstie, thank you so much for the H20 hook-up-
And oh yea, Melisa, thanks for you know, lots of stuff - you rock too!

Out like DJ Raul and Victoria, or as i like to call her, Chrissy's wannabe