I actually don't think our nurses like the current software.

- Bryan

At 8:27 AM -0400 9/8/03, Ed Crelin wrote:
>If the filemaker package is good all they have to do is buy
>Filemaker for the PC, other than some annoying font issues (Windows
>fonts have larger metrics and tend to not fit in the same spaces, an
>easy fix) it should work famously. That is, of course, if you'll let
>them use it or sell it to them.
>On Friday, September 5, 2003, at 03:55  PM, Bryan Thompson wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Winooski School District uses a custom Health filemaker program for
>>our nurses but one of our nurses works at another school where they
>>do everything by hand and they want to get automated. Can anyone
>>recommend any packaged software? They are in a Pee Cee environment.
>>- Bryan
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Bryan Thompson
Technology Coordinator
Winooski School District
60 Normand Street
Winooski, VT 05404
Phone: 802-655-2555
Fax: 802-655-6538
AIM: bryantg3
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