Ulta Key is one that I have seen, it does not have the arcade-style
typing games that Mavis offers, however, it seems to work OK.  So that
you know, we are having issues with the Mavis 15 network version of
Mavis.  We have 500 students using Mavis and the teacher management
component is very slow due to the number of students in the system
(frustrating as it is a network program) and Mavis now has one long list
of students when logging in vs. choosing a class and then selecting a
name (again, frustrating with 500 students) ... this may become
problematic as any student can go in as another student.  I have
contacted Riverdeep who advise that this is the nature of the program.

Regards, Greg

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Greg Thweatt
Information Technology Trainer
Shelburne Community School
Shelburne, Vermont
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Advice on typing tutors.

Last June, I was unable to take advantage of a discount offer for 25%
off of
Mavis Beacon.  I was assured by the sales rep. that the offer would be
after the fiscal year began in July.  It was not, but since I was led
to the
understanding that the offer would be good in July by their sales
Riverdeep decided to extend the discount for me.  The following is a
confirmation email message I received from Riverdeep.


Great news!

Talking with my manager we notice we still had the promo code in the
for 25% of Mavis Beacon upgrade.

In order to receive the discount you must do these two things:

1.      Proof of purchase of current Mavis Beacon program.  For example
copy of the invoice, packing list ....

2.     Note this promo code on the PO :  MBPO30325A

Upon getting approval and sending them a purchase order with the proof
purchase of my original network version (not compatible with XP), I was
that higher-ups in the company had decided that Riverdeep would not
this offer.  I do not have the $699 in my budget and so I am looking
for a
different typing tutor.  Any suggestions on another product that would
good for 3rd through 8th grade students?

Thanks, Ed

Edward Bianchi
Technology Educator
Charlotte Central School
408 Hinesburg Road
Charlotte, VT 05445
802-425-2771 ext. 155
Fax 802-425-2122
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