Just checked the Dell Education Web site.  You could get a Latitude
D500 with the specs you've quoted for ca. $1450.  This has both wired
and wireless Ethernet built in (choose the Dell TrueMobile over the
Intel and you get both 802.11b & g for the same price).  It includes a
three-year NBD warranty as well.


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Hi all,

Winooski School District is a Mac School but we are starting to buy a
few PC computers. I'm curious what brand other schools are buying - I
just called the big three and Gateway has a laptop for $1399, Dell
has the same one for $1700 and IBM is around $1700. To me a Pee Cee
is a Pee Cee. What are your thoughts? I quoted a Intel Pentium M
Processor 1.3 GHz, 14" display, 512MB RAM.

- Bryan

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