I took a few hundred digiscope images of shorebirds last week at Brilyea
access area at Dead Creek WMA. On bird in particular defied positive ID, at
least to my pitiful shorebird skills. I believe the bird is a Pectoral S.,
but a few fieldmarks left me with the nagging doubt that it may have been a
Western S. The bird shared characteristics of both, but seemed more
Pectoral-ish overall. Pics of this bird can be found at:

then from the menu on the side, select - Photos - Questionable Shorebird

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. I hope to post a few
others as I find time.

Dana Rohleder
Port Kent, NY

"There's an old saying in Tennessee-I know it's in Texas, probably in
Tennessee-that says, fool me once, shame on-shame on you. Fool me-you can't
get fooled again."- G.W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002