Brilyea Access DCWMA

No surprises at mid-afternoon. Unable to relocate the Whimbrel. Fewer
Yellowlegs were noted, but the construction crew was working on the road.
Oddly, the birds didn't even flinch when huge dump trucks were dumping
within 50 yards of them, but freaked when  4 O'clock Charley, the Peregrine
Falcon came zipping through.


On the walk in I was surprised by both a Cooper's and Sharpie cruising
through the woods. Still a half-dozen Bonaparte's Gulls hanging around with
the usual gull species around 6pm. 5 Semi-palmated Plovers, 2 Pectoral
Sandpipers and 2 Least Sandpipers were the only shorebirds noted. I posted a
panorama picture of the delta on the NNYBirds website, if interested.

Dana Rohleder
Port Kent, NY