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 Subject: [BIRDCHAT] Hurricane Isabel Birds in PA
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Hi Everyone
    For those of you outside of Pennsylvania and who aren't signed up on
PaBirds the following is an incomplete list of sightings from around the
state of some of the birds that were brought in by the hurricane.

Species                                   Location
American Oystercatcher          Lake Nockamixon      Bucks
Band-rumped Storm Petrel      Bald Eagle State Park Centre
Band-rumped Storm Petrel      Bellfonte                     Centre
Black Skimmer                        Shawnee State Park   Bedford
Black Skimmer                        York                          York
Black Tern                               Lake Nockamixon      Bucks
Bridled Tern                             Delaware River           Bucks
Cory's Shearwater                    Decatur Twp              Mifflin
Hudsonian Godwit                    Presque Isle                Erie
Leach's Storm-Petrel                Yellow Creek State Park Indiana
Long-tailed Jaeger                    Willow Cove              Warren
Pomarine Jaeger                        Lake Somerset           Somerset
Pomarine Jaeger                        Kahle Lake
Pomarine Jaeger                        Fort Hunter
Pomarine Jaeger                        Conejahela Flats
Royal Tern                                Susquehanna River
Sabine's Gull                             Bald Eagle State Park  Centre
Sabine's Gull                             Yellow Creek State Park
Sabine's Gull                             Conejahela Flats
Sooty Tern                                Delaware River
Sooty Tern                                Lake Nockamixon       Bucks
Sooty Tern                                Long Level
Wilson's Storm-Petrel                Rose Valley Lake         Lycoming

Al Guarente
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