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    Jonathan> And speaking of AT gear, checking out the Sierra
    Jonathan> Tradingpost deals on Garmont GSM boots (even better w/
    Jonathan> the 30% off coupon deal

Jonathan! I owe you a reeb at least, man. You just saved me 72
bucks. I had just ordered these boots from STP a day or two before the
30% coupon deal showed up. I just called them and the very nice
salesperson on the phone (why can't more companies be that way?) is
going to knock the $72 off the bill. Cool.

Now all I need to is find a similar deal on some Fritschi AT
bindings. Yeah, right. I'm not holding my breath on that
one. Apparently these things are just way too popular. Every place on
the planet is selling them for the same (high) price.

Dave G.

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