It happens to be the largest Cathedral in the world, the Statue of Liberty
can fit in it lengthwise with room to spare.  (A Cathedral, for
those of you who don't know, is a church that houses the seat of a
bishop.  The bishop's actual throne is called a cathedra.)  St. John's
also happens to be only a phew blocks from Telenaut's pad.  So, late
Saturday morning, Jim B. and I dragged nosaJ along to check it out.  It's
a pretty kewl place.

There are twelve sections of the nave, each one representing a secular or
religious area.  There are areas for labour, all-souls, science, arts,
etc. One honours America's literary greats.  Above each is a gigantic,
intricate stainglass  window that relates to that particular section.
Of course there is a sports section.  The stain-glass window is a riot.
Yes, it has a baseball player, football and hockey players, an archer, a
runner.  It also has a skier!  Phuniest of all is the curling stone and
brooms.  Awesome.

Even if you aren't Episcopalian (I'm not), you owe it to yourself to
visit this treasure sometime when you're in New York.

A vigil at the Sports altar might be appropriate before the Yanks/Sox game
next year--anything to prevent a travesty such as the one that occurred
Friday night.

--Matt K.

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