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>Scott, Take some advice from this UVM ex-pat, do yourself a favor and get
>a Stowe student pass. You will NEVER EVER be able to ski there for that
>little money again, and it has by far the best terrain in Vermont.

Scott, even though I'm a huge fan of the 'bush due to the vast amount of
terrain and smaller crowds (i.e. much less competition for tracks), you HAVE
to go with a Stowe pass at that price.  If you're basically new to the
northern Vermont ski areas, check them all out eventually of course, but
Stowe will give you an incredible mix of great snow, in bounds terrain, and
kickass backcountry opportunities.  Save Jay Peak for the days when they get
dumped on and nobody else does (which is bound to happen to some degree).
Definitely find a way to work in some trips to MRG, Smuggs, and Sugarbush as
well, since they are all around 45-60 minutes away.  I'm sure you'll want to
try all the legendary ski areas that you've heard about (not sure which ones
you've been to).  Growing up in Vermont, I sort of gradually became aware of
all the ski areas.  I don't know what I'd do if I was suddenly plopped right
in the middle of ski heaven like that, probably explode or something.
Hopefully you can at least get out and hike for some turns next month, but
until then, stay in shape (the new fitness center is great, and of course
the hiking is too) and enjoy exploring Burlington.  The first morning you
look out from campus and see a blue fall sky, snow on the peaks, and foliage
below... will blow your mind.


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