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>I've heard first time visitors say they came to check it out 'cause they
>heard good things about it or saw a picture in Powder or something. I've
>also heard them say that next time they'd go somewhere else 'cause they
>couldn't stand the lift system, the traverses, and the amount of hiking
>necessary to get to certain places. That's anecdotal from some chairlift
>conversations I've had. However, I'm sure Alta management has paid
>attention to the comments and results of the on-line survey they've been
>running for the past two seasons on their web site. Unfortunately since we
>lack this data, we're relegated to guessing about root causes.

You are correct in these arguments Marc. I suppose the bottom line is the
bottom line. I guess I just fear change when its at a place like Alta. That
and the fact that the split of the Collins and Wildcat liftlines as they
ascended up over that front face was for some reason the most captivating
image of the place for me. Something very surreal and heartwarming about
seeing those two black yan doubles move quietly up quietly up the mountain.
Very similar to the single chair.

I don't fear all change though... save Fenway Park my ssa.

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