Now that I've moved to the hills of North-central Mass and given that I'm
expecting my infant son to eat up a bunch of my ski time this winter (i.e.,
fewer weekend or even full-day adventures), I figured it's time to get some
gear that lets me earn some turns closer to home.  I may start to learn the
tele turn, but I'm not about to venture out into the woods that way.  While
I'm keeping my eyes open for a steal on some nice boards that I could just
mount up with Diamirs, I'm also considering doing my budget a favor and
picking up some Alpine Trekkers instead.

I've searched the archives and while several posts have a general undertone
of their limitations, I can't find any specific complaints about the
Trekkers except the weight of alpine gear.  Anybody have any
experience/general feedback about the pros/cons of the Trekkers?



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