Heck, I used to subscribe to the National Review but I also consider it
a badge of honor to be targeted by the editor.  Perhaps for a different
reason however.  The "Kill the Librarians" editorial and the US Attorney
General actually mentioning us means that we are in the game.

No matter what they say or how they say it, I think it means that they
perceive us a group with some powerful ideas.  If Attorney General
Ashcroft really "didn't care" do you think he would waste even one
second of his busy day to mention libraries or librarians?  Would the
editor of the National Review (which at least used to be a fairly
intellectual and very opinionated endeavor run by William F. Buckley)
take time out from his probably hectic deadline to wish we were all six
feet under unless we were really irritating him in some way?  Probably

It is encouraging to me that we have a group with individual members
willing to stick up for their opinions and rightly communicate their
ideas on matters directly related to libraries and information policy.
Whether I agree with any specific goofball librarian's  opinion or not,
I hope we keep on expressing ourselves in ways that make people take
notice.  Sometimes the only way to get a seat at the decision making
table is to keep talking and keep talking until people start to notice

Or maybe we could just sue somebody to get noticed!  :)

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