Must be the day for Fox Sparrows!  I had a fox sparrow, with breast
streaking and stickpin the same color as a red squirrel, at my feeder in
Underhill Center this morning.  Life Bird!

Katherine L Olgiati, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chemistry
St Michaels' College

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Subject: Fox Sparrow at home in Shelburne

Hi all,
I just saw my first Fall Fox Sparrow under the feeder!
I had one come by the other direction in April this year, and usually get
them annually.

It was a good fall for me with warbler variety, particularly back in
mid=September, as I usually get almost no fall warblers in my spot.
I have a couple dozen house finch regulars now, plus 3 Purple Finches,
several juncos, and a white-crowned sparrow (and had white-throated's
before), among the 25 or so species seen weekly.
(who, despite the light snow and hail today, is assuming there will still
be an Indian summer to clean up the leaves when they finally all come down)