A visit to Lefferts Pond this morning yielded 4
ring-necked ducks, 11 hooded mergansers, 5 common
mergansers, 3 wood ducks, 5 black ducks, and 60
Canada geese.

Also seen were 2 common grackles, 1 red-breasted
nuthatch, 1 American tree sparrow, 1
white-throated sparrow, and 11 dark-eyed juncos.

The best sight of the day, however, were three
otters playfully making their way across the

Meanwhile over at Chittenden Reservoir Roy
Pilcher reported 1 common loon, 1 osprey, and 2
black ducks.

Here at home this afteroon were 2 fox sparrows
among approximately 30 dark-eyed juncos.

Sue and Marv Elliott
Rutland Town

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