Although originally intended as a trip to record
migrating red-tailed hawks, the south wind and
lack of sunshine yielded only two red-tails on
today's Rutland County field trip. Undaunted, we
ventured to points in the Champlain Valley and
recorded the following birds among others:

Rte 7, New Haven: 1 northern rough-legged hawk,
11 wild turkeys, and a large number of red-winged
blackbirds (207).

Charlotte Town Beach: 4 common loons, 13
Bonaparte's gulls, 2 horned grebes, 3 black
scoters and 1 red-necked grebe.

Charlotte Ferry: 7 buffleheads, 11 common
mergansers, 6 hooded mergansers, 1 red-tailed
hawk, 1 common loon and 21 Bonaparte's gulls.

A peregrine falcon was seen at the corner of
Converse Bay Road and Lake Road. It sat in a tree
for about 10-15 minutes as we watched it.

Button Bay: 2 red-necked grebes, 1 common loon, 1
horned grebe and 13 Bonaparte's gulls.

Potash Bay: 1 common loon and 1 horned grebe

Tri-Town Water Treatment: 6 buffleheads, 4 hooded
mergansers and 14 white-winged scoters.

2 northern harriers, one male, one female, were
seen along Jersey St.

Dead Creek WMA: 1 northern harrier, 1 red-tailed
hawk and lots of snow geese coming in.

All sightings have been dutifully recorded at
Vermont eBird!

Sue Elliott

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