Hi Carl,

I bird at Dead Creek a lot. I'd love to know where the water plant, Jersey
St. and Potash Bay sites are.

David Gusakov,

on 10/27/03 1:26 AM, Carl J. Anderson at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> Sunday 10/25:  Great day for birding around dead creek.
> Some highlights...
> 'thousands' of snow geese close to road at viewing area including several
> dressy
> dark morph 'blue geese'
> brilyea access near rt 17:
> 30+ green-winged teal mixed with blacks and mallards
> several light and dark morphed rough-legged hawks
> At tri-town water plant:
> 10 drake long tailed ducks,
> several common loons, a northern mockingbird flitting about with chickadees
> and
> juncos.
> At Jersey st fishing access:
> 6 drake gadwall and several females mixed with canda geese, snow geese, common
> meragansers and mallards.
> 1 Female northern harrier
> At Potash Bay: a raft (100+/-) of white-winged and black scoters (another
> birder
> told me he had seen surf scoters there as well, but I was unable to verify).
> Nice close up looks at 5 horned grebes.
> Button Bay boat access:  More scoter sp., 3 greater yellowlegs
> Carl Anderson