On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Denis Bogan wrote:
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> There are 2 lifts on Hunter West.  The one on skier's left is often not
> open.  To skier's left of that lift is Annapurna, a very nice steep run,
> narrower than the other Hunter West stuff and I believe natural snow only.
>  It is often not open.  Further skier's left is some nice woods.

No this is way further over than that. It's not part of the ski area. You
can see it on the aerial and it's marked on the topo too. I did some
googling and it seems Hunter had planned a big expansion years back that
was nixed cause they had to get a change to the Forever Wild clause to
get it built. Somehow that one liftline did get put in though. It runs
from the base of Hunter West up to a point on the ridge to the true
summit around 3550' in elevation (the top of the current ski area is
3200). Does anyone know the full story?

> The chute to skier's right of K-27 is clogged with rocks and downed
> timber, or it was when I was last there which is about 5 yrs. ago.  Hunter
> does have some woods but what I have found is too obvious.  Hunter is a
> see and be seen place and culture, very NYC.  Maybe locals in the know are

The slide I'm talking about is also on the Topo, but nothing shows on the
aerial. It would start a bit higher and opposite the abandoned lift line
I'm talking about, around 3700', and runs down the headwall of Shanty


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