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> Only Western NY places I've skied have been Bristol and Swain, many
> many moons ago.  Not very impressive compared to Eastern NY.

You picked a couple of duds.

Actually, I have been surprised to find that there isn't much
between NY skiing in the east and in the west (excluding the Dak's, of
course).  Even though the hills get smaller as you go west, the
snow and weather improve.  So you end up with Holiday Valley being
more or less the equivalent of Greek Peak, and this is roughly
equivalent to the Catskill areas excluding Hunter and Plattekill.

One big problem with the Catskills is geology.  These mountains are
composed of crumbly parc rock.  You need a lot of snow to enable
tree skiing.  Outside of the occasional monster dumps, tree skiing
will always be difficult.

BTW, everybody forgot Bobcat.  1000 vert, 2 t-bars, all natural snow.
I have never been there, but I drove into the parking lot once.
Looked interesting.  Not an MRG south, but maybe a Hickory south.

> The 'other" Miguel  ;-)

I think you showed up first.  So you're the original, I'm the other.

Mig (2)

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