Oh wow, that's the best news I have heard about the plans regarding the lift(s) and trails proposed.  I guess, on the other note, if you can't expand the slopeside lodging then brings the slopes _to_ the lodging.  :-)  What will the total vert be then?? That's a heck of an uphill jaunt from Rt. 28 to the base lodge as it is now.    Jimski

Michael Bernstein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>I've traversed the Burnt Ridge a couple times but have only dropped in
>towards the North side and Tahawus Glades. I've heard some very excellent
>things about the other side that drops into the Twister Glades. I really
>want to check that out next winter but there are some huge cliffs in that
>area. I got stuck on top of a nice sized ledge last year and could've
>used a rope or something to get outta there. Ended up putting some good
>sized holes in the bottom of my skis trying to traverse off the ledge to
>avoid deadfall at the bottom.

I was talking to one of the Gore people last year and her understanding is
that Burnt Ridge will be the focal point in their effort to connect Gore to
the old ski area down in North Creek. The plans included something like a
high speed lift (maybe a gondi?)from the base of ! the old area to the top of
Burnt Ridge, with trails funnelling out from there in all directions. That
lift would have a solid 1700 verts, thogh you couldn't really do laps on
it. From the topo, it looks like there would be real solid, albeit low
elevation, terrain to explore from the top down to the Gore base. The
whole idea is to provide lift served access from North Creek in order to
spur development of lodging options in and around town.

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