Miguel Naughton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
--- James Dugan wrote:
> Have you skied all these places or are you evaluating them based
> on what you have heard?

That's a fair question. Not all, but 7 of the top 10.

I have not been to Whiteface but I have seen the video (starring
Jimski, no?). The video sure seemed to confirm all my impressions,
nuthin but cruisers.

-------------------Good Lord, don't base your judgement solely on that.  :-)  That was just some old geezer barely out of major surgery.  If I am not mistaken there is a good shot of Denis hung up on a ledge in God knows what they call it.  There is some other great stuff I showed Guido on his journey that hasn't, or wasn't at the time, cleared out very well but was taped off for cutting.  Marc got the scoop on future development from the PR guy there and I would have never guessed expansion where we were shown.  State law forbids cutting beyond a certain amount and it appears they have the top end skier in mind for what they are going to do with it.  On a sad note I got it direct from a good source that Whiteface got zip in the capital expansion budget this past season so there won't be any real big surprises when it opens.  A bountiful snowfall and a little slides activity would sweeten the pot for sure.


Hope the Yanks do better than the Mass. team.   :-)

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