Jim sez:

"I guess, on the other note, if you can't expand the slopeside lodging
then brings the slopes _to_ the lodging.  :-)  What will the total vert be

That's precisely the idea.  There can't be any development around the Gore
base area by law, but North Creek has plenty of privately owned land that
is developable.  Put a HS lift from the town that connects to Gore proper
and - presto - you have loads of development possibilities with a quaint
town and a 2600 vert mountain just a few hours from major metropolitan

Then Leigh sez:

"Over 2600 verts, or 5th highest in the east.
Actually, it will be the 3rd highest in continuous, USEABLE verts, behind
only Whiteface, Sugarloaf, Sugarbush (ahead of Smuggs and " 3000 marketing
verts" Big K)."

I'd actually rate Gore's 2600+ potential verts about as usable as those at
Killington.  If you check the topo, getting from the top of Gore Mountain
down to North Creek will still be a pain in the ssa.  It's a struggle just
to get down to the North Quad, and once there, you have to pick your way
around North Creek Reservoir and over Roaring Brook.  I think the skiing
benefits from the connection won't be the 500 foot increase in verts as
much as it will be what looks to be GREAT upper intermediate to low
advanced terrain off Burnt Ridge.  Now if Gore could build a lift on the
NW face of the summit down towards the quarry (or maybe down towards
Straight Brook to the SE) - that would be some interesting (and high
elevation/more snowfall) terrain.

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