--- Sharon Heller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Gore is definitely better than Huntah for challenge and trees.

Dang, another Gore-lover.

Sure, if we must have challenge *and* trees, then Hunter gets
eliminated.  But if we can forget about trees for a while, then
Hunter thumps Gore.  Gore's problem is that nothing exciting lasts
for more than 500 vert.  The best thing I found was the upper
(unofficial) and lower Chatiemac glade combination.  Really nice,
but only about 500 vert.  Then there's the Double Barrel bump
run, pretty cool but about 500 vert.  Same thing for Twister, etc.
It's true that I don't know the secret places, but for the "on map"
and "close to map" stuff, Gore has limitations.

OTOH, Hunter dishes up bump runs galore with a lot more than 500
vert.  Plus you can mix 'n match with the cruising runs.  Throw in
insane snowmaking and a ski-till-you-drop HSDQ.  Hunter does certain
things really, really well.


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