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>I'd actually rate Gore's 2600+ potential verts about as usable as those at
>Killington.  If you check the topo, getting from the top of Gore Mountain
>down to North Creek will still be a pain in the ssa.  It's a struggle just
>to get down to the North Quad, and once there, you have to pick your way
>around North Creek Reservoir and over Roaring Brook.  I think the skiing
>benefits from the connection won't be the 500 foot increase in verts as
>much as it will be what looks to be GREAT upper intermediate to low
>advanced terrain off Burnt Ridge.  Now if Gore could build a lift on the
>NW face of the summit down towards the quarry (or maybe down towards
>Straight Brook to the SE) - that would be some interesting (and high
>elevation/more snowfall) terrain.

Yeah it sounds great, but we all know how fast these ski area expansions
come.  We'll probably still be talking about this in 2008.


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