Frozen precip in Rutland area

Yesterday I did a run to the top of the ridge west of Proctor, which has the
name West mountain if you live in Proctor, and no name otherwise.  The run
is 900' of vertical in about 2 miles on trail following the CVPS powerline
from Florence to Proctor.  There was a bit of rain on the ascent, and it was
quite cold at the peak.  On the return run, HAIL started falling along with
a pretty heavy rain.  As I neared the bottom, running quite fast on a steep
bit, I planted my left foot at a point where the trail curves to the left.
With the rain and mud I lost it and took a hard fall on my left side.  It
was a rocky part of the trail and I slid about 10 feet on my left hip before
stopping.  As a motorcyclist I'd call it a "lowside" crash.  Just slid my
foot out and sort of laid down.  No real damage, just a scraped elbow and

Glad that's out of the way and I can have a painless ski season.

Mr Mogul

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