From Sunday's Mt Washington observer's comments:
"While we hear reports of beautiful foliage and pleasant fall-like weather
in the valley a mere 5000 feet below, winter refuses to release its grasp
from our mountain top. The summit spent the entire day in the freezing
fog, with rime ice building over our windows and forbidding an
unexceptional view. With a few passing snow showers and another inch in
the snow gauge, we now have reported snow during six of the last seven
days. Keeping it?s presence known as well, the wind again pushed all of
this new snow in drift and piles between rocks and buildings, and onto the
snowfields! I again ran out after shift for a few carves on the snowboard,
and was very pleased how much coverage the rough terrain is seeing. If
this keeps up, we?ll soon make it all the way down to the Alpine
Garden...great news for early season skiers."

Someone on this list has to be going up there to ski ;)


On Mon, 6 Oct 2003 11:05:29 -0500, Mann, Dave <[log in to unmask]>

>Shoulda come up to Crag!
>Thanks to a 4:00 am start from Boston, we made it
>to Appalacia by 8:30 and into Crag by 11:30.  It was
>off and on rain through out the morning.  The forcast
>40-50 mph winds out of the SW kept us from attempting
>Great Gully and good thing too because the weather
>really hit the fan around noon.  T-storm Jct would
>have been a lousy place to be at 12:30.  The choice
>was confirm when we chatted with a guy at the bottom
>of Spur who had done Mad Hut/Gulfside/Spur in
>the morning before the weather got bad.  He reported
>brutal conditions with unstable walking and rain/grauple
>in the face (heh).
>Sunday was comparatively lovely weather on the summit.
>50 - 100 yd visibility, plenty of snow and a scattered
>grauple showers.  While windy, it did not impede walking
>but did cause hiking poles to hum.
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