I was away from my computer for six days and mail cable mailbox filled up.
The company is now rigorously imposing a 10MB disk quota.

I'm currently subscribed regular, If I'm thinking about making a change to
subscribe via the digest (no html) or Index (traditional, no html).

I'm guessing that with the digest, instead of getting a lot of small emails
everyday, that, I would get one large one with all of the messages inside.
If I subscribe index, I'm only going to get the subject line of each
message and then I'd have to click to expand and read the one's of
interest. Right? If that's the case, it would make for more work.

Now, if I guessed correctly as to the format of the digest and the index
subscription types, here's the question.

Which subscription type is going to require the least inbox space on my
ISP's server so as not to result in a full mailbox in only six days?


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