Several topics here:

1.  Colchester High Ski Swap-  Got there at opening and immediately snagged
a pair of Fischer Rebounds, Rottafella 3-pins, and Karhu Converts.  All
brand new.  Retail-  over $400.  At the swap- $210!  I'm now set up with an
excellent alpine set up, backcountry tele set up, and a good light touring
set up.  Bring on the snow, I'm ready!

2.  Someone(Duphphy? Kulas?) recently wrote about fires out west, and
walking through the burn site and seeing the great skiing possibilities.
My question is have there been any recent burns in the east(obviously on a
smaller scale) that would have created the possibility of a good line or
2?  There's all kinds of info available on the net about fires out west;
what about here?

3.  Went out this weekend to do some fire prevention on my in-town hill.
Doubled the length of a line I skied last year.  In 2 short sections it
could use a little more help in following the fall line.  I plan on getting
there after work tomorrow or thursday. Don't bother looking for it alone, I
left the entrance a hellish bushwhack to keep out the undeserving.
Also, there is a great looking pitch that drops off the back of the same
mountain, down into a much better known drainage.  The views from this
pitch are some of the most spectacular I've seen in VT. Its hard to be exact
(no gps), but the line is about 1100' vertical over .75 miles.  My map
program says that is an average grade of 27%, with a couple of pitches
approacing 60%.  Preventing fires here might be more work to  than I care
to do alone(car shuttle or long hike back required).  Anyone interested in
joining me Sunday after next to put in a good days effort towards keeping
our Forests healthy?

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