> The inner motorhead within me has thinking more and more along those same
> lines these past few months.  Every time I read about the Whistler
> sled-powered peak  bagging scene I salivate.  What could be more fun?
> Ripping way out into the backcountry and eliminating a bunch of slog time,
> highmarking a few steeps just for adrenaline kicks, then personal "cat
> skiing" runs all day on umpteen different peaks.

But... you wont be doing it any cheaper than you are now. With all the
driving, gas, extra vehicles, registrations, insurance, and taxes, that
somethin-for-nearly-nothin feeling must whither a bit, Plus you still have
to learn how to assess avi terrain, carry peepers, shovels, etc...
something many 'bilers tend to ignore. Using a snomobile for eastern BC
would be pointless cause most of the best places are inaccessible to
snomobiles (or at least fall in non-motorized forest service land). You
could use it to get to the base of some stuff, but there are very few
places where you could use it like a snowcat.


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