On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, Leigh Daboll wrote:
> Conclusion:  Unless you are prepared to give up resort skiing entirely,
> quit slagging winter recreation via snow machines, because the impact is
> way less.  You may not like those facts, but it's the reality, over and
> over and over everywhere in the mountains.

Ok. Shut em down!

Really, Chromer is right. 4-strokes will help a TON. I dont get why it has
taken so long ... a snowmobile is every much a vehicle as a car is, you
register it, insure it, and use it on maintained thoroughfares. It should
be subject to the same emission/noise/safety controls that road vehicles
are. You dont see 2-stroke Harleys rumbling around, there's a good reason
for that. Without the smell and noise the biggest thing to annoy will be
excessive speed and riding under the influence, both of which can be
controlled to some extent with policing.  There are some erosion issues in
the spring, but it pales in comparison to ATV damage. Thank you, heavy
hand of government :)


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