Yesterday, Jim 'Rusty' Clapp said:

> There we were, Wes, TEO and myself, hanging by the tailgate, drinking
> a few
> reebs by tika light. We had just completed a slog up and a bushwack
> down
> the moutain, when it started to rain lightly. Suddenly, the light rain
> turned into a steady hail of frozen precip. We had to take cover under
> the
> trees from the 1/4 inch hailstones rattling off the leaves and vehicle
> sheetmetal

Since I wasn't on the invite list to get hailed on, I decided to get
snowed on this afternoon.  I started by heading to Mansfield around
noon.  A little tinge of white on the western side of the chin, but not
much.  Nothing on the trails of Smuggs or Stowe Mountain Resort.  So, I
headed over to the App Gap and the area that will remain nameless and
found SNOW!  I even took some pictures...  point your browser here:

If you have an ancient browser, it probably won't work.
Just so nobody has a right to complain, the big images are at:
with a couple missing inbetween.

Jason - "redraobwons"

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