If #18 is true, isn't the pro really a con???


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Subject: [SKIVT-L] Top 20 NY ski areas

With a little time on my hands, and still feeling good about those
Cubbies, I decided to rank NY ski areas.  This list is prioritized for
people that want challenging runs and trees.  I'm curious to hear what
others think of this ranking.

I couldn't pick a #1 because Hunter, Whiteface and Gore are all so
different from each other.

1.  Whiteface.  Pros: 3,000 vert, Olympic town with many diversions,
long runs  Cons: Expensive, little tree skiing, bad exposure, not much
natural snow

1.  Hunter.  Pros: gigantic snowmaking system, lots of bumps,
challenging Hunter West, good vertical  Cons: crowds, hyper NY vibe, no
tree skiing, little natural snow, no town nearby

1.  Gore.  Pros: scenic, sort of feels like northern VT, a few glades
including unique Twister glade.  Cons: jerky ski patrol, too many blue
cruisers, no town nearby

4.  Windham.  Pros: 1600 vert, lots of snowmaking  Cons: no tree skiing,
not many bumps either

5.  Holiday Valley.  Pros: much diversity with bumps, glades and
cruisers, mellow clientele, 200" snowfall, good value, interesting town.
Cons: jerky ski patrol, there's only so much you can do with 750 vert.

6.  Greek Peak.  Pros: variety of runs with cruisers, bumps and a couple
of glades.  Cons: Decrepit base facilities, ugly powerlines, nothing
very challenging.

7.  Plattekill.  Pros: inexpensive, amazingly uncrowded, no patrol
hassles, many steep runs, ski wherever you want  Cons: little
snowmaking, disgusting food, much pebbles and crumbly rocks, mud/clay in
parking lot hard to remove from car, slopes face southeast

8.  Belleayre.  Pros: reasonably priced, not too crowded.  Cons: not
very challenging, runs are all very similar, very limited tree skiing,
1400 vert skis like 600 vert

9.  McCauley.  Pros: cheap, interesting mix with bumps and trees (on and
off map), claim to receive 300" snowfall.  Cons: 600 vert, swarms of
snowmobiles in the area

10.  Labrador.  Pros: I heard it's a decent 700 vert hill.

11.  Toggenburg.  see comments for Labrador

12.  West.  Pros: 1000 vert  Cons: looks pretty boring from Northway

13.  Snow Ridge.  Pros: 230" snowfall, according to it has
some interesting runs.  Cons: 400 vert

14.  Titus.  Pros: cheap, decent natural snowfall, long season  Cons:
boring, very poor use of 1200 vert

15.  Song.  Pros: looks OK from I81

16.  Kissing Bridge.  Pros: lots of runs, decent natural snowfall
Cons: 500 vert

17.  Bristol.  Pros: nice base facilities  Cons: how could they throw
away 1200 ft of vert?  jerky ski patrol, no trees, only a few icy bumps,

18.  Willard.  Pros: Guido used to patrol here, no?

19.  Swain.  Pros: OK if you live nearby

20.  Oak.  Pros: cheap, got state aid to buy chairlift and some

I realize I have omitted Hickory (not open very often) and semi-private
areas like Holimont and Hunts Hollow.

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