> Scott Braaten wrote:
> > Looks like someone is taking advantage of the 5 inches of
> > new snow and strong winds that are depositing all the snow
> > in certain locations.

> From: 'Chromer [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
> Thought about going there today.  Woke up early, checked the
> weather and went back to bed...

Shoulda come up to Crag!

Thanks to a 4:00 am start from Boston, we made it
to Appalacia by 8:30 and into Crag by 11:30.  It was
off and on rain through out the morning.  The forcast
40-50 mph winds out of the SW kept us from attempting
Great Gully and good thing too because the weather
really hit the fan around noon.  T-storm Jct would
have been a lousy place to be at 12:30.  The choice
was confirm when we chatted with a guy at the bottom
of Spur who had done Mad Hut/Gulfside/Spur in
the morning before the weather got bad.  He reported
brutal conditions with unstable walking and rain/grauple
in the face (heh).

Sunday was comparatively lovely weather on the summit.
50 - 100 yd visibility, plenty of snow and a scattered
grauple showers.  While windy, it did not impede walking
but did cause hiking poles to hum.

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