I'll respond to a couple of queries this weekend to entice a couple more people off the fence.
1.  I'd love to go, but I'm not a superhero skier.  Will I be in over my head? 
Hey, while this trip ain't for beginners, it's not only for superheroes either.  We have three guides for a reason.  Sometimes the group will be split into differing ability levels.  The aggro skiers will take a different route down.  Sometimes, skiers will ride part way down in the cat to avoid slowing down the group through the difficult sections.  And there's no shame in sitting out a run or two either.  The whole point is to maximize everyone's fun - not to audition for SkiMovie4. 
2.  I don't have enough powder equipment, and I don't want to buy avie gear and skins etc.  What do I do? 
If you you have the gear, bring it.  If not, you can rent.  We may not need much in the way of touring gear in any event. The request is probably a bit of overkill.   Lindsay indicated that this area has a very stable snowpack, especially at this time of year.  The bigger concern by far is the large tree wells, not avalanches.  Most people in the group have enough experience sking together in the trees to deal with this issue.
3.  What about other hidden costs?
None! Nelson is full of cheap eating establishments.  Our lodging accommodations also have full kitchen service areas if anyone wants to eat-in on any given night.  It looks like we will be able to score relatively cheap airfare to Spokane, so the limo transport will add about $60-$70 rt to your package price.  Also, I am now working on a couple of leads to fly us directly into Castlegar well. 
4.  Will the snow still be be good at that time of year?
You bet it will.  Frankly, Valhalla has issues with not enough sun earlier in the season. Most of their terrain is high elevation (8000'), and it is ALL north facing.  Snow preservation is excellent in the large evergreen trees.  Their absolute best powder/snow depth week has historically been the last full week of March.  We're only a week after that.
5.  Will we really be able to dictate exactly what and how much Valhalla will ski and do for us while we're there?
Yep.  They really want to help make our experience a "trip of a lifetime".  The more we ask for, the more they will dish out!
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