Jim B asks "does anyone have any experience going from a "lesser" AT binding
to a Freeride and seeing a benefit?  Other than the 225lbs+ crowd, I just
see the benefit of the few extra points on the DIN scale and extra weight
the Freeride adds."

FWIW, the Freeride paperwork is peppered with disclaimers about the
reliability of DIN settings 11 & 12, but like Wes says, the higher DIN
capacity means a bigger spring is used.  I know of one person who set the
DIN at 11 or higher, and after receiving proper medication, now sets it in
the single digits.

Jerm says "I *think*, after careful inspection, I decided the bar is a bit
beefier on the FR compared to D2. May not be so with D3."

IIRC, the D3 and FR are equipped with the same bar, and it is beefier than
the D2.


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