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>That so-called yssup outpitched the snot
>outta your man Roger last night.  Grady left him in two batters too long,
>and I'll warrant that Red Sox Nation will ultimately view Grady with the
>same dudgeon with which Chicago views one particular fan.  If Pedro were
>the yssup you claim, he'd have left the game earlier of his own
>volition.  No true competitor wants to get yanked from a game.

Ahhhh.... How unfortunate for that Cubs fan -that's what everybody will
remember but it wasn't the reason they lost. The Cubs shoulda let a bunch
of goats run around on the field before the game instead of having their
shorstop imitate one in the late innings.

And poor Grady Gump. Everybody seems to be blaming him, which also is
unfortunate. Sox fans seem too enchanted by their favorite "hero" to notice
how bad he choked under pressure. 4 hits in a row, a blown 4-0 lead and a
phat 5.65 ERA for the series. He also choked in game 3 - blew a lead, then
in a tantrum not unlike a 5 year old fighting over candy, he showe dhis
true colors. And this guy is still on a pedestal in Boston. "But he was
tired, Little left him in too long, wah, wah , wah!" You know what? Excuses
are for LOSERS - which Pedro and the sox most certainly are. Bottom line is
he did not perform when the pressure was on. Excuses just come with the

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