Jim Crowley writes:
> I am familiar with Tuckerman elA and

I buy that one frequently.

Whistler Cream elA, Whistler Premium regaL, Whistler Black Tusk elA

The Sunday River Brewing Company makes Sunday River Alt.

I'm waiting for Kmart reeb. ;)

> I'm also beginning to think that my purpose for being here is to
> eat and drink, as our Chinese hosts put great emphasis on those
> activities.

I remember discovering Dim Sum business lunch on my first business trip to
Hong Kong.  A pretty nice way to spend a couple of hours.

> But alas, I am here to work and will be spending the next several
> days examining the sedimentary beds associated with the greatest
> mass extinction recorded in Earth's history

Natural Disasters for $500, Bob.

What is... Dubya getting elected in 2000?

> Hoping that KOD doesn't happen until I return next weekend

With the new & improved top to bottom strategy, that's unlikely.  I doubt
they'd blow snow in October until they had a favorable temperature forecast
for the first part of November.


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