Chris wrote:
>Right now we're in the middle of a record warm spell out here.  It hit 80 in
>Denver both days this weekend, and it's supposed to stick around a
>couple of more days.
>I drove up to Vail yesterday, and it was pretty damn warm.   Had to of
>been close to 60.  You could see a strip of white on one trail at
>Loveland where they had been making snow, but that was it.  If they're
>smart, they'll hold off.  In addition to the record warmth, it's also
>been an exceptionally dry October, which apparently does not bode well.
>"October is one of the better indicators. About 75-pecent of the time if
>we have a snowfall or precipation significanly below average in October,
>it tends to happen the rest of the year, so a bad October can mean a bad
>snow year," Rick Bly, National Weather Service Weather Watcher, said.

Same for SLC. Yesterday was 82 in the valley and we're going for a
record-breaking 84 today. It's also been 28 consecutive days since any
measurable precipitation. The current jet stream pattern is entrenched and
forcing anything and everything to the north. The only saving grace is that
at least the nights are getting down into the mid-40's and once last week
flirted with the lower 30's. But it's still dry, dry, dry.

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