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>The 1's are also available without studs.
>It sounded like you suggested the 2's without
>studs earlier...
>I'm still unsure of the differences.

Hey Eric,

Seriously consider this tire:

They used to be called NRWs and now are called WRs.  We had a set on our
last Audi and now a set on our Suzuki XL-7.  As far as I can tell, its by
far the best year-round capable snow tire out there.  It's got the severe
service "snowflake" rating, tons of sipes, great tread pattern for both
snow and rain, and good treadwear.  Better gas mileage and less road noise
than other Hakas, too.  They're a bit pricier than Q's or 1's or 2's, but
not by much.

Just a satisfied customer....

-Jim B.
BTW, Wes, yes, soccer moms in VT drive Outbacks, and real men drive full
size 4x4 pick ups, but you forgot all the college-aged and a bit older
weenies (like me) with their WRX's.  You can't swing a dead cat in
Burlington without hitting a hood scoop... BTW, my mother-in-law just
bought one, black, 5 speed.  I'm rather jealous.

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