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> Something I've wondered about...  Did Jay truly
> over-thin their glades, or is it more a matter of
> skier damage to immature trees.

I couldn't necessarily tell you what causes what I
dislike about Jay's glades (the one's on the map, that
is), besides the fact that they get so bumped up, but,
to me, their cut glades feel homogenous.  I don't get
that feeling about the glades at Stowe, MRG and
K-Mart.  That being said, I have skied some non-marked
glades at Jay that were pretty phine.

> I don't ever recall seeing "regeneration
> zones" roped-off at Jay, and what's more, I'm not
> sure they'd be respected like they are at that other
> place...

Personally, I think the regeneration zones at MRG are
more PR stunt than actual sound preservation tactics,
though Jay Appleton will argue otherwise.  Glades are,
to a degree, a parasitic function.  If they are to
truly work, you need to rope off a large area for
relatively long period of time.

I also don't buy your supposition, 'Chromer, that the
Jay woodchucks have any less respect, or would show
any less respect than the MRG skiers.

--Matt K.

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