On Sunday, October 19, 2003 6:51 PM, 'Chromer wrote:
> Took a hike up Big Squaw today.

        I've been feeling like crap this weekend with a vile head cold (1 quart of
phlegm packed into sinuses that have a half pint quantity) but I was able to
DRIVE up to the summit of big Wa-Wa today like a total complete utter WHOSE.
 It cost me a whole $2.00 paid to the Mount Wachusett State Park Authorities
..... but it was worth it 'cuz it was SNOWING at the top of the mighty 2006'
summit!!  Yes, right here in Massachusetts it SNOWED.  I was THERE and I saw IT
!!  It was not accumulating, but it proved that the dawning of The Holy Season
is upon us.

        Oh, I was on Mount Washington 2 weeks ago for a day and there was SNOW and
some SNOW SHOWERS.  There was a modest snowfield that had formed at the top of
Left Gully (maybe good for 3 or 4 whole turns) and there was heavy fog on the
summit cone, hence I could not see anything skiable (get real, with all of the
boulders up there, you'd be lucky to find any more than a handful of turns) or
anything else past 100 yards.  In fact, I got a little disoriented at Tuckerman
Junction with all of the rime on the trail signs.  The view into Pinkham Crotch
from Lion's Head from just under the cloud cover was wonderful with the trees
changing color.


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